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Being Oppen

Intuitive Relationship Focused Life Coaching

Relationships, they can make or break chapters of your life. How many chapters have gone by already with the same patterns being played out?

 I'm here to help you end the patterns that no longer serve you and establish the habits that will lead you to a life of fulfilling relationships through Being Oppen's Intuitive Relationship Focused Life Coaching Services.

My Focus

Your Fulfilled Life

Being fulfilled is so much bigger than what society has taught us to believe. Relationships are a key part of that, but your connection to intuition is what guides your level of fulfillment.


Together we'll move toward connecting you with your intuition and start living fully and fulfilled in your relationships. Your life isn't cookie-cutter, neither are your relationships, so why would your "fulfillment" in a relationship look like someone else's idea of the "perfect relationship"? 


My goal is to help you access YOUR definition of fulfillment and to start living it out in your life, through self-improvement, unabashedly. 

Start Connecting to Your Intuition

& Living Fully in Relationships 

There's so much to be unpacked, isn't there? 


Years of relationship patterns, self-doubt, fear of not being enough, fear of being too much, wondering if you'll ever find that person, wondering why you keep attracting people who are emotionally unavailable, wondering why you never feel comfortable in a relationship after a certain point...the list goes on and on. 


Let's stop the overwhelm, and focus on where you are now and where your ideal relationship would be.  


Taking this whole thing one step at a time you and I will get a feel for how your intuition speaks to you and what you can be accessed from it. From there we'll look at a key relationship or two you want to work on and start actively following your intuition to get you living out your best relationships yet. 


I offer two different series - 3 months and 6 months. Three months is perfect for breaking patterns and working on some focused goals through personal growth in relationships. Six months is perfect if you're looking to not only break patterns but instill new habits in their place. 


Head over to my services page to learn more about my process and offering. Or click the links below to shoot me a note and we can start chatting to see if I'm a good fit for you on your journey.

Relationship & Intuitive Oppening
Coaching Series

Let's connect you, the true you, to your relationships and your intuition.  In this series, we'll determine if you want to have an intuitive or relationship focus and grow you toward feeling your best in relationships and in connection to your intuition.   

This series runs either 3 or 6 months and we determine the frequency of calls together in our Discover Chat. 

90 Minute Clarity Call

This session is perfect if you're feeling stuck on one specific relationship. Maybe you've been up and down in this relationship for weeks, months or even years and you want a focused session to dive deep and work through your blocks. 

We'll meet for one session and do big work. 

We can always do more, or you can jump into a set series with me if it feels right. 

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