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Guiding you into

Being Oppen


Whitney Oppenhuizen

Life Coaching for
Your Relationship to
Self and Others



My whole life’s journey has been focused on opening up.

Opening up to new experiences, opening up to my authentic self and learning to live from that heart- and soul-centered space in all aspects of my life. Opening up to the fact that the pains and challenges we face, when faced with that open heart and soul-centered self, are the best teachers in The Universe. 


In fact, open is in my name - Oppenhuizen. I joke that the correct pronunciation of my name is not only that but how I approach the world “Open-hi-zen” 

Open: I’m open to whatever The Universe is sending my way 

Hi: I greet it with open arms 

Zen: I stay as centered as I possibly can, “zen” if you will, in the welcoming of whatever it is The Universe is sharing with me.

My own personal story is a long, circuitous experience dancing in and through every type of relationship imaginable. I’ve spent years helping friends, family and loved ones I’ve met along the way manage and intuit through their relationships. Finally, the call became too strong to not share this experience, knowledge and intuitive work-based approach with the world. 

That’s what I do, I work with people just like you, to draw out their intuition and start living from it. 

Don't get me wrong, there have been many moments in my life where it's been hard to open up. Many moments that have been far less than "zen." But I've committed myself to this work to a point where I now share it with others.  I’ve spent years perfecting this intuitive approach, the majority of the time it's been focused on relationships. I’ve been lead to life coaching from what The Universe has shared with me. I’ve been placed here to guide people through relationships with my intuitive work, of all shapes and sizes; for they all have an impact on our lives.


How I can help you

I had a calling to move out west from Michigan,

and I have an even deeper calling to guide you.

I help my clients reconnect to themselves and their intuition to then reflect back on the relationship struggles they’re having. Approaching relationships from the inside out, focused first and foremost on your centeredness, is the difference.  If your relationship with your intuition and spirit is lost or disconnected you won’t be able to create your best relationship experiences. 


So I ask you this, dear darling, are you ready to reconnect with yourself through self-improvement? Are you ready to live intuitively in a relationship? Are you ready to start living from the space given to you by The Universe? Are you prepared to take full advantage of the love, lessons, and life you’ve been given? 


I know I’m ready to join you along the way, as your cheerleader, your support and your guide in learning to guide yourself through intuitive work. 

There's many ways to work with me including 1:1 coaching, group coaching programs, workbooks and more! View the link below to explore all the ways I'm here to serve you, or set up a free chat so we can determine what's best for you together!