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Life Coaching for Your Relationship to Self and Others

Intuition ~ Connection ~ Relationships 

Deeply connect with yourself and live your life confidently and for you 

Connect more deeply and truthfully in all relationships 

Live more fully in all aspects of life 

My Focus

Connecting you to... 




I support women who want to develop deeper connections to themselves or in relationships in their lives. 


Your intuition is an untapped resource and it’s time you tuned into it. It’s always there creating opportunities for you to connect, and the more you connect to it the more you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in life. 


Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with yourself or yourself in relationship to others you're in the right place. Connection is my passion. 


I’ve spent years learning how to access intuition, and develop connections to others in an honest and empowered way. 


My work is rooted in wanting to serve others, you don’t need to follow the same winding, long and painful path I did. Your journey brought you here and it’s time to take yourself forward on a path towards your own personal truth. 

Start Connecting to Your Intuition

& Living Fully in Relationships 

There's so much to be unpacked, isn't there? 

If you’re looking for a connection to self, how do you actually find it? How do you hold onto it when others are in your life? What do you really need in your life and relationships? 


How often have you made time for yourself, not just “self-care” time but true deep and empowered time to hear what your intuition is really saying and asking for. You can lead a life that is empowered by what you truly desire, and you can move through the noise in your life to this truth. You simply need space to do this. 


Maybe you know yourself and you’re ready to start living your truth with others in your life. You’re tired of having the same arguments with family members or feeling taken advantage of. Or you’re ready to stop dating the same kind of person, you know that you deserve better yet you only seem to find the type you’re over. 


You don’t need to continue in either pattern. You can find a deeper connection to self, you can connect as your true self to others. All you need is a framework to start doing that, and that’s where coaching comes in. 


There are two different ways you can work with me. We can establish weekly or bi-weekly sessions with me for 3 or 6 months, my Self-Connection or Relationships Series or through a 90-minute Clarity Call where we can hone in on where you’re feeling stuck, off or otherwise not YOU and get clear on what next steps should be.

Connection to Self 
Intuitive Relationship

This three or six month long series (that can run weekly or bi-weekly, whatever you choose, will have one of two focuses. 

Your Connection to Self, and developing your intuition 


Utilizing your already strong connection to self and breaking patterns in relationships.

In our complementary discovery call we'll discuss what makes the most sense based on where you are currently.  

90 Minute Clarity Call

This session is perfect if you're feeling stuck on one specific relationship or personal pattern. We'll take a hard look at the blocks and negative feelings your'e currently facing and get an action plan established for you to move forward. 

We'll meet for one session and do big work. 

We can always do more, or you can jump into a set series with me if it feels right. 

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