We’ve been through the wringer in 2020 and I want nothing more than to help you get grounded, centered and ready to create what YOU want in this upcoming year. 

Join me for a 2-week
group coaching program
December 2020

Oppen to 2021

Start Connecting to Your Intuition

& Living Fully in Relationships 

There's so much to unpack, isn't there? 

If you're looking for a connection to self, how do you find it? How do you hold onto it when others are in your life? How do you stop yourself from worrying about what others think and changing to fit their judgments? What do you need in your life and relationships? 


How often have you made time for yourself, not just "self-care" time but authentic, deep, and empowered time to hear what your intuition is saying? 


You don't have to live a life disconnected from yourself, where you only get moments of "ah yes, that's right." You can lead a life that is empowered by what you truly desire, and you can move through the noise in your life to this truth. 


You need space to practice this, and that's what I help you create. 



Maybe you know yourself, and you're ready to start living your truth with others in your life. You're tired of having the same arguments with family members or being taken advantage of. Or you're ready to stop dating the same kind of person, and you know that you deserve better, yet you only seem to find the type you're over. 


You don't need to continue in either pattern. You can find a deeper connection to self. You can connect as your true self to others. All you need is a framework to start doing that, and that's where coaching comes in. 


No matter what sounds more true for you, I am here to help you do this work. 


When we work together, you'll find true clarity and grounding in who you are as an individual - regardless of the outside noise and pressure. 

We'll create a space where you can learn to understand your intuition and follow it's guidance. Together we will bring clarity to what you're trying to create in any relationship in your life. 


The process here is the same - I hold space so you can show up, be vulnerable, and have a space to do the work from. I hold you accountable to show up and dig deep. I support you as you learn to break patterns that no longer serve you and move forward to building fulfilling relationships with yourself and those you love. 


Whether you want to feel at peace and in love with yourself finally or you want to create that dream romantic relationship you've always wanted. 

At the core of those things is clarity in desire and knowing yourself. Once you have those figured out, you will take the tools I share with you to find and connect with your ideal partner and bring your dream relationships to life. 

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Connection to Self 
Intuitive Relationship

This three or six-month-long series (that can run weekly or bi-weekly, whatever you choose) will have one of two focuses. 

Your Connection to Self, and developing your intuition 


Creating meaningful relationships built from your intuition 


Whatever you choose, we will develop a plan to help you achieve what you're looking for during our series together. 

Click the link below to set up a free Discovery call to learn more and see if we're a fit. 

90 Minute Clarity Call

This session is perfect if you're feeling stuck on one specific relationship or personal pattern. We'll take a hard look at the blocks and negative feelings your 'e currently facing and get an action plan established for you to move forward. 

We'll meet for one session and do big work.

Click the link below to book a Discovery Call to see if this feels like the right option for you.


Being Oppen

Life Coaching for Your Relationship to Self and Others

True connection to yourself

and in all relationships is possible

You can connect more deeply and truthfully in all relationships 

and live fully in all aspects of life 

Connecting you to... 

intuition ~ self ~ others

For the longest time, I flitted through life, ticking the boxes but never feeling truly like myself. I had relationships that looked fine from the outside, but something was missing -- me. 


For most of my life, I wasn't fully connected to myself. I would have glimpses then be derailed by a relationship, comparisonitis, or merely being too worried about the impression I was making instead of following my intuition. 


It's through my decades of work on myself that I created Being Oppen. 


Through coaching, I support women who want to develop deeper connections to themselves or in relationships in their lives. 


Your intuition is an untapped resource, and it's time you tuned into it. It's the strongest thing you have available to you to make decisions and live by its direction. Intuition is always there, creating opportunities for you to connect. The more you connect to it, the more you'll find and make what you're looking for in life. 


Whether you're looking to improve your relationship with yourself or yourself in relationship with others, you're in the right place. Connecting you to your intuition and helping you create ideal relationships is my ultimate passion. 


I've spent years learning how to access intuition and develop connections to others in an honest and empowered way. Through my own ups and downs, I've created processes and tools to help anyone who wants to do this work. 


We are all meant to be connected to our intuitions and living in relationships that bring us joy and further fan our spark, not extinguish it. 


My work is rooted in serving others. You don't need to follow the same winding, prolonged and painful path I did. Your journey brought you here, and it's time to take yourself forward on a path towards your truth. 

Solo Workbooks

My workbooks are ideal if you're ready to start doing deeper dives on your own. Maybe you're just starting to uncover things for yourself, and you need some more time to sit with realizations you're having. Workbooks are a perfect opportunity to use the tools I share with my clients in your self-work. 


If something is sparked during this self-work, just let me know. I pair workbooks with Clarity Calls, or you may feel that you're ready for a coaching series after some of this deeper self-work.