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Girl, I have been there.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a romantic relationship that you thought was exactly what you wanted but is somehow unfulfilling. I've been the one staring from the outside in wondering what I'm doing wrong, why doesn't relationship advice work for me? 


I’ve been so disconnected from my true self I didn’t even know how to go about getting started on my journey back to me. All I knew was that something was off, more off than it had ever been in my life. 


It took me years on my own self-improvement journey; reading, learning, testing, failing and coaching myself through the journey back to me. I spent my time learning the lessons the hardest way possible; trying and failing to live relationships differently than I had in the past. 


So where are you?

      ~ Are you ready to connect more deeply to yourself? 

      ~ Ready to understand what you truly need, want and desire before you get lost in another relationship? 

      ~ Maybe you want to develop a deeper connection to your intuition so you can be more fully you in every                  relationship you’re in? 


Then let’s start your journey with your Connection to Self. 



      ~ Are you ready to break patterns in your relationships? 

      ~ Maybe you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while and don’t know how to start living as your real
         self in relationship with this person. 

      ~ Maybe you’ve had the same kind of people in your life on repeat and you’re ready to stop attracting things
         like that and start creating friendships and relationships with people your soul connects with. 


If this is you - let’s chat about an Intuitive Relationship Series 



My Style of Coaching 


 The women I work with are ready for change. They're done filling their heads with excuses and repeating the same old patterns. And while that is true you may still be feeling stuck and so confused about what to really do next.  All you have to do is be ready to develop a true connection to yourself, learn how to be present and honest in your relationships and start living from your intuition we're going to make a great pair. 


   I also want to make my work available to as many people as possible - while I do value what I do I make sure that payment plans and pay what you can options are available to those that need it. 




You’re ready, you’ve hit a wall and you know in your gut it’s time for a change but you’re not quite sure how it would work or what the next step is. 


As uncomfortable as it is,

as frustrating as it is to be in this holding pattern with your connection to self, or your dating life,

this doesn’t have to last forever. 


Coming into this work is a big deal and the fact that you’re here, reading this, means you’re really ready to begin. I have no doubt. 


Connection to Self 

You know you’ve felt your intuition before, but you have no idea how to access it consistently or you want to strengthen this connection. 


What’s really wrong? You’re missing that connection to self, that understanding of your own truth. Maybe you know some of this but you’re not rooted deeply enough and you end up getting blown off course time after time. 


You don’t need to keep living this way, you can root so deeply in your truth that no matter what comes up you know what your truth is in the situation. You’ll learn how to bend in your relationships with others but still own who you are. 


Finally, you’ll feel like YOU more often than not, without the fear of other's opinions getting in the way. 


It’s time, darling, it’s time. 

3 or 6 month sessions available, weekly or biweekly for 1 hour. 

Intuitive Relationship

Oh, love, you are something! 

You know so deeply and truly who you are, and yet there are times in relationships with other people when you seem to lose your way. 

You don’t need to be living in relationships on other people’s terms, you can find a balance between living as your truest self and understanding and accepting where the other person is in the situation. 

In fact, you can start living this way right now. You can find acceptance and respect, by using your intuition. By harnessing the true you and bringing it forward in the relationship, by implementing tools in conversation and on your own you can start living more fulfilled in every relationship in your life. 


So what are you waiting for? Why keep living in half-truths in relationships when you have the space to be living your full truth? 


Let’s do this love, let’s get you living out your truest self in all relationships. 

3 or 6 month sessions available, weekly or biweekly for 1 hour. 

Clarity Call

You're stuck, and I get it. Maybe you know what you need to do but you can't quite get there. 

Maybe you just need to bounce some ideas around and play out scenarios with someone who doesn't have an angle or expectations of you. 

Maybe you know what you need to do but you just need to move through it with someone.


Or you need a quick tune up with your intuition before you move into an event or interaction with someone. 

This session will be 90 minutes in length and will include a more detailed questionnaire before we jump in together. We'll be laser-focused on the specific topic or relationship at hand. When we wrap the session you'll have tools, action steps and the connection to yourself that you need to successfully and clearly navigate the relationships at hand. 


Are you ready to do this?

Let’s move forward together on this next great self improvement adventure! You’ve been feeling stuck and struggling for too long. Do you think that’s going to change overnight without taking action? 

Thinking “I’m not worth it.” Or “I need to put XYZ person first.” Nope, nice try.


You ARE wholely and completely worth it.


And you’re can’t give your all to a person or a relationship if you’re not taking care of yourself first. 


Let’s start there, are you ready?! 


So what do you say? Shall we team up and get you living out your best relationships yet, or what? 


 How Life Coaching Works 


If this is resonating with you here are the next steps. 


    There are two different ways to work with me, take a look at the outlines below and select what resonates with you. If you have any questions at all email me, I'm happy to connect to answer questions and help you determine what might work best for you.  

It's my goal to provide coaching to *anyone* who wants it. 

 In addition to a coaching series
 I offer pay what you can pricing and Session Packages. 

If you're interested in the pay what you can pricing simply email me and we'll chat through what you need and what works for your budget.


Session Packages

10 1-hour sessions for $1,150 or

5 1-hour sessions for $600

Relationship & Intuitive Oppening Program

This deep dive is either 3 or 6 months in length. We'll develop your intuition and connection to self (even if you never have felt a "gut" feeling or intuition before in your life - we'll get you there) and work on specific relationships you want to improve.  Our sessions will be either weekly or bi-weekly (4 or 2 sessions a month, respectively, for the 3 or 6 months we’re working together) for one hour. I also provide email support as frequently as you need between sessions. 



    3-month series cost: $500/mo or $1,400 paid at once

    6-month series cost: $5,00 or $2,900 paid at once


    3-month series cost: $300/mo or $850 paid at once

    6-month series cost: $300/mo or $1750 paid at once
Payment plans are available for all Series


   If this option feels right, click the link here or below and we'll set up a free Discovery Call to chat about what you want to work on and the next steps. We can discuss whether 3 or 6 months is best for you. Some goals may require a longer engagement based on the depth of work or timing in your own life.  

Clarity Call 

This is a 90-minute call where we dive deep into 1 specific relationship. This option is great if overall you feel you have a handle on your intuition and are simply stuck when it comes to a specific relationship. Most clients use this option if they have a specific event or situation coming up (interview, starting to date again, potentially triggering family gathering) and they want to tune in and set boundaries for themselves. Clarity call includes a brief questionnaire, a 90-minute call, and recommendations for tools and activities to help in the future.


1 Clarity Call - $250


If this feels right for you - click on either option below or head to the Connect With Me page to fill out my questionnaire and get started!

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