10 Reasons You Deserve to Take That Next Step

I recently wrapped up a coaching series with a client and in our last session she had so much truth pouring out of her at every turn I was in heaven just listening to her speak. She was so blissed out on the work we had completed over the past three months and so open to the amount of growth she'd undergone.

Toward the end of our session she said:

“One of my favorite things, in terms of the stepping stones I had in this series was; I kept questioning am I worth this, am I worth her time? At the beginning of our series. I thought can’t someone else benefit more than me from this?...And here I am! I’m happy that I know that I'm worthy now and I’m worth every good thing.”

When my client shared this with me my heart grew 18 times in size. THIS is why I am such a big proponent of coaching. If you open yourself up, allow yourself to be vulnerable and dive into the fears of unworthiness you can achieve everything. Unless you realize what you deserve in life and that you are WORTHY of all that you want, you'll always be living from the side lines in your own life.

With that reminder echoing in your mind I want to share with you 10 reasons why you deserve to take the next step and start owning your life.

1. You only have so much time here on earth. Why do you want to waste a single moment saying "well once I accomplish XYZ then I'll be worthy."? There will always be an XYZ floating out there, own your worthiness NOW.

2. Your life is waiting for YOU. This one life you're living - its yours alone. You don't owe anything to anyone. It's not your job to live out your parents beliefs they instilled in you. It's not your job to play the corporate game if it doesn't resonate with you. Take the reins, and direct your life where YOU want it to go.

3. There will always be a reason to be scared. And you will be scared over and over again. On the other side of that feeling is freedom. There will always be something to risk or to be worried could come true (or not come true). Knowing that means simply that you're living life. Those who risk, win. So take that risk, and go for it. Otherwise You'll be perpetually on the side lines, over analyzing.

4. Embracing fear makes life a breeze. Just like the emotion of worry and scary thoughts will pop up, fear will be there too. If you embrace your fear, understand what it's actually trying to tell you (hint - fear is not the enemy) you will be able to breeze through life. Truly, when you learn to recognize fear for what it truly is in the moment you'll be able to harness that energy, adapt it to what is truly needed in the moment and float forward in your kick ass life.

5. What you want is waiting for you. The scarcity you feel is an illusion. (sit wit that.) There is plenty for you to have in this world. You can have the job, the love, the money, the success that you want. You need to stop sitting in the "no it's not" vibe and start realizing that it's right there waiting for you. Truly, it's RIGHT outside your door.

6. No one else deserves your life but you. This is YOUR life to live YOUR way. No one else deserves this life, they have their own wicked awesome rides that they're on. Your life is for you alone, please own that. Please realize that you deserver to do whatever it is you please with this life.

7. The more you accept the more you have. Oh Lordy, if only you started accepting what is waiting for you - you'd see there's more and more and more following that. Accepting the dreams you're dreaming right now does not mean you'll be done dreaming - it means there is now room for MORE dreams.

8. There's always more to have. Allow yourself to accept and hold what you currently want, and open up the door for new desires to come rolling through. There is always MORE, trust in that reality.

9. Your story doesn't have to be confined. Your story isn't confined to the block you were born on, the type of work your family has "always" done or the bad relationship patterns you've been living out. Break through your perceived constraints and own the fact that YOU can make your life about whatever you want.

10. You.Are.Worthy. Please simply repeat this to yourself over and over.

You are worthy

You are worthy

You are worthy

Own this truth, and see what it uncovers for you in your life. No one else is worthy of your life but you, and you are just as deserving of having the life you want as the next person. Stop comparing yourself to others and what they seemingly already have and start owning your life and what you want in it.

Take yourself off the sidelines of your life, darling. Let yourself start to appreciate what already exists in your life, and see how worthy you are of that. Just as you are worthy of all of the other wonderful things you day dream about. Take time to write down the points here that resonated with you deepest, and focus on them for just a minute each day. Then see what shifts begin to take place in your life.

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