Finding Your Word of the Year

Over the past four or five years, I've had a word come to me in December. It generally feels foreign, intriguing, and desirable. The first time this happened, I had never even heard of the practice of choosing a word for the upcoming year. It just happened.

The word was "truth," and I wanted to experience and embody every part of that word in the coming year. I did, and man o' man did it support me. That was 2018, the year I quit my corporate job and moved out west. The year I manifested my childhood dream job! The year everything I didn't even know I wanted started coming to fruition -- because I kept following "truth" wherever it led.

The truth of my work life - I was burnt out and unsatisfied (to the point I was getting stress-induced Shingles at the tender age of 32).

The truth of my personal life - I was relying on booze, nights out, and shallow dates to entertain myself. It wasn't working.

The truth of my soul - it was gaining its voice, and I was listening more and more with each passing day.

Following this word around for that year brought me so much. It wasn't all easy, but it was what I needed.

So in the tradition this year, I've chosen the word "Join." Again it came to me without effort, just the simple knowledge that "yup, this is it."


  • I will officially join Greg later this year as we get married.

  • I have started a new job hoping that it allows me to join my coaching and "woo woo" self with my practical outward-facing self.

  • I wish to join the work I've been doing in my personal life with the offerings I give clients more deliberately.

  • I want to join all parts of myself here in this life experience to show me what can unfold next.

  • I want to continue joining the community in my small town, supporting efforts that I know deserve it (like housing insecurity and other volunteer services.)

  • I want to join more in my work with horses to become a better horsewoman.

And so, Join is here to teach me, lead me, and show me what this year is all about.