Forcing vs. Allowing

Photo of Whitney speaking into the microphone at Moth event - arms on chest explaining a heartfelt moment.
Photo by Jeremy Gaitan

January 25th of this year, a dream came true for me.

I found myself on the Moth Main Stage telling my bison story and the story of the "breakup on the mountain." This reality came from much "allowing" and on the heels of the year of "allowing" for me.

The actual reality of the first 30 odd years of my life is that there was a whole lot of "forcing" going on in areas where "allowing" would have served me so much more.

And this reminder in the guise of The Moth came at the perfect time.

When your story is chosen, a producer calls you, and work starts. You find the theme for your story and the keywords, phrases, pauses, and more needed to convey the message you're looking to convey.

While I was doing this, many themes came forward, themes of signs, trust, and intuition. However, two new words took center stage in the day leading up to me sharing my story to a theater of 400 people and folks online.

Force and Allow

Instantly when these words worked their way into the story, I knew this was the theme. This was the message that needed to be shared with the world and with me.

Over the past nine months or so, I've gone through another phase of change with my business and my life. This change was leading me to my word of the year for 2022.

I was forcing my business to be this commodity to "make money" when in reality, that's just the capitalist/societal thing it "should be."

I want Being Oppen to hold space for people and allow those who are ready to come to me. Not force milestone growth or make X money in a given year. I'm fortunate to have other sources of income and activities that bring me joy and funds.

So I let go of the reins last year and am allowing Being Oppen to go where it will.

It's leading me to beautiful new clients and opportunities to support my local community. It's allowing me to make space for other creative endeavors like a new season of The Messy Path Pod and more.

So I encourage you this month to look at where you're forcing and start allowing. If it feels aligning, take some of the journal prompts below and use them to reflect on where you could begin allowing more.

Journal Prompts:

  • What part of my life seems to be taking up the most energy lately?

  • Where do I feel the most friction between what I want and my reality right now?

  • How can I more easily move through this part of my life?

  • What would allowing look like in this part of my life?

  • How can I become aware of my "forcefulness" at the moment?

  • What is currently supporting me to allow more?

Much love on this journey, darling. <3

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