My No. One Relationship Tip for You

The other day I was looking at my clients and their fantastic work. I was rolling around themes I saw in their lives and the similarities between them, myself, and my loved ones.

This human experience can be so isolating, especially during a pandemic, and it's so easy to forget that we're experiencing things that other humans have also experienced for years.

Then as most of my little soul sessions start, I was hit with a sentence.

"We were never meant to be monoliths in a relationship."

As I sat with this thought and inquired further with my intuition, the realization unfolded, and it's something I feel so compelled to shout from everywhere. I just shared it in a recent Podcast episode I was a guest on (link coming soon!)

And I recently shared this on my socials as well. The video is here if you'd prefer to hear me speak about it.

The long and short of it, though, is that we were never meant to be static beings, so chasing "perfection" or "constant happiness" in a relationship with anyone, including ourselves, only leads to pain, frustration, and letdown.

The most accurate and aligning relationship you could ever create with yourself or others is to understand and welcome the shifts that come with each other over the seasons.

What season are you in now? What needs to be acknowledged in your relationship with yourself and others?

How are you different from the person who started this year?

How do you want to change or support the changes in the months ahead?

Whatever your answers to this, I hope you see that this shift, this constant adjustment of growth of who you are, is part of life's journey. This is the essential aspect of our work: honor and hold sacred the you you're continually growing into.

Do not hold yourself back for fear of change, but instead, lean in wholly. Embrace the changes coming up and know that your relationships will continually morph to support you, and many of the people you're with may surprise you. It will lead to deeper and more loving relationships; they may not unfold as you're expecting. ;)

Honor yourself, the changes, and who you're growing into.

I do, and I hope you feel that.

Much love, darling, much love.

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