What I've Learned from Space

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Each December I choose a word for the upcoming year.

The word I chose for 2020 was space.

Little did I know how appropriate this word was going to be for how the year panned out.

I was shocked by how much space I found this year: space to read, space to write, space to work on my business.

All of it felt so empowering, and at times scary.

My logical self didn't like the space that much. It wanted a full schedule and proof that I was "doing the work." It's hard to tell if progress is happening when so much of what I do is internal.

Even working as a coach, I had grand plans to have a full client load all year - and I never "maxed out" - but that was the point. I needed space for this year.

✨I needed space to show up for each client I was fortunate to work with this year.

✨I needed space to create the courses that came to me during the year.

✨I needed space to reconnect to myself and do my growth work in waves over this past year.

Space has served me so well this year, and now, as we head into 2021, I am starting to search for my next word.

I have so much hope and excitement for 2021.

I want to fill my calendar with growth opportunities and client support.

I took this past year to wrap my head around how I want to work and support my clients. I've played around with my schedule and made myself take moments to pause and rest (even though "full steam ahead" is my default mode).

It's been a year of trial and tweaking. I won't say error because I needed the experiences to guide me to where I am now. And "error" means something went "wrong" and I truly don't believe anything went "wrong" this year - even in the face of a massive pandemic. Personally, I was able to work through so much.

As I settle in now to take these last two weeks of the year to rest, reflect and get excited about what's to come I want to offer you space.

I want to pass this word on to anyone it resonates with, for we all need space.

What is it that you can give yourself in the last few days of this year?

How can you support yourself differently?

How can you meet your emotional self where it is?

Take some time to reflect, darling.

For now, is the only time we have - and ignoring the space now will only make it more valuable and harder to access in the future.

If I've learned anything this year it's to embrace the space that you're in. Whatever phase it's bringing you, however emotional it may be - embrace it.

For this too, shall pass.

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