Whit's Coaching Manifesto

“What is life coaching, really?” Friends, family, and far too many articles on the internet have posed that question. As I’ve been growing my coaching practice, interacting with coaches myself and moving forward in the always winding, never straight, path that is life I’ve found it.

The reason for coaching, the reason I have lived my life the way I have, is to bring others along on the journey. To show you how to be open (Being Oppen, get it?) to all that your life can be, all you can have and create.

I’m a Life Coach, because of how I lived my life, the work that I’ve done to connect deeply to myself and create the life and relationships I want and now the pull that I feel to assist others as they embark on similar journeys.

Life Coaching is the opportunity for one who has gone before, done the work and produced the changes in their life to turn and lift others up. I’m not going to sell you “secrets,” this is not the 21st century version of Snake Oil Salesman…this is the work that every human is capable of doing, only some are better at leading and some need a bit more guidance.

Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to have space held for you in your life. It’s really hard to do this work when you don’t have a support system. When you’re running 100 miles an hour and don’t see how you could possibly give your self development or self care more than a passing thought and the occasional bath bomb or night with a journal. It’s hard to apply yourself to digging into your intuition and soul to find your true north when no one has ever taught you how to do that.

Your parents taught you to tie your shoes, they taught you how to navigate a dinner party and maybe even taught you the life skills of holding a conversation or networking. But it’s extremely rare to have had parents who taught you how to care for yourself. How to hold up a mirror to your life and pull at the different parts of it, discovering what can change (everything) and how to honor yourself. I bet they didn’t teach you how to connect to your soul and intuition before making big life choices or how to operate from your heart center instead of your analytical mind. And how doing that can negate 90% of the fear, over analyzing and worry that has taken over your life.

As a coach that is exactly what I do. I hold space for you to discover yourself, for you to understand what in your life resonates with your TRUE self and what does not. From there we tend the garden, we water the things that resonate for you and we weed out the things that don’t. I hold space for you to cultivate love for yourself and your life. We move through this work together, I’ll offer advice here and there and you can choose how to apply it.

More often than not you’ll find very quickly as you start giving yourself space for this that your intuition and higher self will take the reins and start leading us through the work. I end up being here more as a guidepost, an accountability partner and someone who can continue to urge you when momentum wains and fears come roaring in.

Going through coaching doesn’t eliminate your fears either, coaching teaches you how to manage your fear. How to understand what it’s there telling you and how to move through the fear to the growth beyond it.

There is so much to be done in this beautiful life that you have. There is so much that you can create and achieve, and not through force. Working with intuitive focused coaches also allows the speed and direction of your growth to unfold in the best way for you, and for all involved.