You Want Create Change in Your Life? Allow It.

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

If you want to change you need to allow change to happen.

Change isn’t something you order once, wait for it to be delivered and then go on with your


Change happens a thousand times in a single moment and takes a thousand practiced moments to take hold.

Change is a muscle, like anything else it needs to be used.

Change isn’t scary to anything other than your ego.

Change can be resounding and lead to a 1000 other shifts in your life.

But how do you start, when you know you need something to change but you don’t know where to begin?

You start small, infinitesimal. You start at the tiniest little spec of you in your life and you let change ripple out.

So many of my clients want change, it’s the backbone of Coaching work. Yet it’s terrifying, because change means different and the human brain and ego aren’t a big fan of different.

This is why we start small, you start so small you may not even feel like change is building, but it is.

Below is my flow of change, for anything you want in your life.

Before you change anything outwardly, a job, a relationship, a status of any kind, you have to change yourself.

You have to BE the change. (Yup I’m quoting flipping Ghandi, and one of the most over used quotes in history).

If you don’t change, anything you change outwardly in your life won’t stick. It’s simply a facade, something that has nothing to root into, to develop, to grow and to further change you in your life.

These steps are necessary for you to change, to create deep and meaningful change that can then grow and shift with you as you continue to live your life. If you start this process and stay true to it you’ll be able to build upon each positive change with another, until your life looks completely different and completely like you.

First step in changing - get back in touch with yourself. So often we loose sight of what we really want and need. As you’re preparing for change I like to encourage clients to take a couple hours on the weekend, when you have less pressuring you, and make a list of things that bring you joy. They could be things from childhood, things you’ve never tried but are drawn to, things you used to do but have left behind.

Now pick one, how can you honor that ONE thing in your life for the next month? Let’s say it’s baking, why not make every Sunday evening a “baking time” you only need a couple hours at most, set that time aside and enjoy the act of b