This Delux version of the Revamping Your Relationships Workbook includes a 22 page workbook and four audio files that walk you through all you need to come to terms with where you currently are regarding a specific relationship and brings you forward to living your life as you'd ideally want in the relationship.


This inlcludes:

- Mapping your current story vs. your desired story

- Determining your positivie and negative influencers and habits 

- Understanding and finding your Needs, Wants and Desires in regards to a specific relationship

- The White Box Meditation, that has you starting to feel into what living in your ideal relationship would be like

- And finally how to move forward having done this work to live your best relationships. 


Each main section has an audio guide support and this includes the White Box Meditation audio, which allows me to personally guide you through the exercise via meditation audio. 


Delux: Revamping Your Relationships Workbook with Audio Files

  • A 22 Pg PDF that you can use and reuse as many times as you need. 

    4 unique MP3 audio files that guide you through the work and meditations.

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