The Revamping Your Relationships Workbook is a 22 page workbook that walks you through all you need to come to terms with where you currently are regarding a specific relationship and brings you forward to living your life as you'd ideally want in the relationship. 


This includes: 

- Mapping your current story vs. your desired story

- Determining your positivie and negative influencers and habits 

- Understanding and finding your Needs, Wants and Desires in regards to a specific relationship

- The White Box Meditation, that has you starting to feel into what living in your ideal relationship would be like

- And finally how to move forward having done this work to live your best relationships. 


This workbook can be used and re-used for any and every type of relationship you're in. 

Revamping Your Relationships Workbook

  • A 22 page PDF workbook you can use and re-use to support you in your relationships. 

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