Do the work + get support from me! 


With this offer you'll get the Mapping Your Needs, Wants, and Desires Workbook and all the goodness that entails plus a 30 minute 1:1 session with me to walk through the results of the workbook and send you on your way to living out the shifts you want to see in your life. 


You can use this 1:1 session as you're still working through the workbook or after you've finished it. You must use it within 30 days of purchasing it. 



More about the Workbook: 


The Soulful Guide to Dating Apps walks you through everything you need to be aligned and ready to date intentionally. 


- Cut through the BS that's out there

 - Identify exactly what your needs, wants and desires are in a relationship

- Create deal breakers and makers 

- Create a Self-Care tool kit, for those rough patches in dating 

- Instill a No BS policy with yourself, your friends and your future partner 

- Break your current dating story and install a new one 

- Do's and Don'ts of setting up your profile (bio and photos!) 

- Communicating while dating 



It's chock full of everything you need to start dating more mindfully and more truthfully for YOU. 

Soulful Guide to Dating Workbook + Personal Session