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Kickstart Your Relationships

in 2020! 


Let’s turn the tide on how this year has gone for you.

You don’t need to move into 2020 with the same habits, patterns, and expectations from relationships. 


You can start living out your dream relationships now, by working through those limiting beliefs and learning how to expect and manifest your deepest desires. 


The Relationship Kickstarter Series is for you if you’re ready to make big changes before

the New Year and prepare to live out your best life and relationships in 2020.  


         This series will work for you if… 

❌ you’re done living out the same relationship patterns

❌ you’re not sure where to go next but you know something needs to change

❌ you’ve tried dozens of other things and nothing has worked to make deep and meaningful change  

❌ the tricks, tips, and advice from friends and the oodles of articles you have read just don’t seem to

be making a difference and you’re ready to bring out the big guns.​

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or just dreaming of it.

This series will prepare you with the tools to navigate existing relationships,

make them better than ever AND manifest your ideal relationship into being.


Are you Ready? 


Let’s get started toward having the relationships of your dreams. 

In this three-month series with me, we will go deep into one type of relationship,

or a specific relationship, that you want to see shift drastically in 2020. 


Here’s what you’ll get


🗝 We’ll deprogram your negative thoughts and assumptions around a specific relationship or relationship type

🗝 You’ll learn how to deeply connect to your intuition, so you won’t be lead off course

🗝 You’ll learn how to identify your inner trickster to stop self-sabotaging 

🗝 We’ll use tools and resources that you can lean on well into the future 

🗝 You’ll learn how to work with contrast and the fact that things don’t always “pan out the way you want”

and to identify how it really is always working out for you 

🗝 You’ll learn how to stop forcing, assuming and pushing and start allowing, creating

and becoming the best parts of yourself within this relationship

🗝FREE workbooks & audio recordings (guided exercises and meditations) that release this fall

At the end of the series, you’ll feel empowered and ready to ring in the New Year and get the most out of your relationship, or manifest your desired relationship into being, in 2020.


Here are the nuts and bolts of how it flows: 


    We’ll have a discovery call in September or early October, to set up what your series will focus on. 


    💫October - December you’ll have 2 one hour sessions each month (6 sessions total)

where we’ll dive deep into the work. 

    💫Between each session, you have unlimited support from me via email. 

🌟 Get triggered at work or while on a date - EMAIL ME! 

🌟 Frustrated setting up your dating app - EMAIL ME!

🌟 Going through a challenging fight and taking a walk - EMAIL ME! 


You’ll get all of this for $200/month — $600 total for the three months.  


Because of the amount of support I’m providing I am limiting the number of spots available!

If this is calling you, jump on a Discover Call with me today.  


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