Reflections on Coaching with Whitney

I am so fortunate to be able to work with amazing women all over the globe. Watching them move through their coaching experience and grow into the people they want to become is one of the greatest joys in the work that I am able to do. Below are reflections from clients' who coached with me. 



When I started working with Whitney I was at a crossroads in my life and in my marriage. I had reached a point in my marriage of 10 years where I felt very much like it was “too good to leave, but too bad to stay”. I had come to a crisis point where I very much knew I couldn’t continue with things the way they were, and yet I was so unsure of how to move forward and so scared to make the “wrong” decision. I came to coaching to have someone to help me work through this and find a path forward. 

I started to realize really early that I had not been getting my needs met for a really really long time. I knew that the time had come that I needed to start putting myself and that I needed to take responsibility for my life and getting what I wanted and needed. I started to realize all the ways that they relationship I was in had been wearing me down. That I had completely given myself over to the notion of doing anything to make it work and in that process I had lost myself and my happiness.


The biggest gift Whitney gave me was having that safe space to show up in every fortnight and in between via email or messaging. She has a true gift as a space holder. I felt so safe and held, even though sometimes I was a complete mess and so all over the place, I never felt judged. It was my sanctuary and saviour to be able to show up and just go through it with Whitney.



I came to Whitney seeking new tools and accountability to help change some long-standing, unhealthy behaviors. I was at a crossroads in my life and I wanted to choose a path that honored my higher self. Experience told me that on my own, I would likely struggle to do so. I needed some help cultivating a more loving and trusting relationship with self so I could make better decisions. I could not do this alone and I feel so lucky to have found Whitney.

Working with Whitney empowered me to turn inward and listen to the intuition I had spent years tuning out. Whitney provided me with resources, clear instructions and simple guidelines for navigating this challenging self-work. In the past I have found writing a difficult practice, but Whitney's insightful guidance and feedback on my writing made it so much easier to put pen to paper. I found writing these things out really does help! The gentle suggestions Whitney made during our coaching sessions, as well as her availability for needed support throughout our time together, enabled me to more effectively listen to my inner voice and make decisions in greater alignment with my higher self. I now have a much better understanding of my needs, wants and desires in relationships and am continuing to watch grow the seeds of self love and respect that Whitney helped me plant.


I found in Whitney a confidant and caring teacher with a gift for listening and relating. She has a genuine care for the well being of others and shares her gifts of healing with the utmost professionalism. Whitney's intuitive relationship coaching was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I now have a whole new set of tools to help me more graciously navigate my relationship with self, others, and this big beautiful life. 



My goal in working with Whitney was to get to know myself. Meaning, figure out what I actually want, need, and desire out of life, MY LIFE. 


I was drawn to the 3-month time frame to dive in deep and do the work in a specific amount of time. I also feel it’s important to share that not too long prior (maybe 2 months or so) I started seeing a therapist.

I was already in the mindset of mental health/wellness and wanted a rounded perspective on things, figured the two would complement each other nicely.

This opportunity was more so a challenge for me, taking a step towards ‘figuring it all out’ or at least working towards getting closer to some answers. I wanted to do real work on myself and I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. I needed a push, I wanted support, and I wanted help. 

Going into the first session I was like “yes, you’re doing it!” We jumped right into needs, wants, and desires (which was really the entire point of it all). We touched base on a few past traumas or experiences that sit at the surface which was another great place to start because Whitney was able to shine some light and provide insight into behaviors, feelings, or common outcomes of people in my situation. This went full circle and just helped me feel calm, understand, and even be more gentle on myself. In going there, I was able to more easily see what I want, need and desire.


Overall coaching with Whitney was the deep-dive I didn't know I needed. 


I absolutely enjoyed working with Whitney. She’s supportive and attentive throughout the entire experience. She shows up for you when you can’t show up for yourself. I’ll be booking more sessions in the future. 



My experience with Whitney as a life coach was nothing short of amazing. Whitney's uplifting posts on Instagram and her blog were always so powerful and enlightening that I looked up to her from the outside, thinking- if only I could be that optimistic and in tune with myself. When I saw that she was accepting new clients, I was hesitant, thinking "is this really something that I should waste her time with? I'm not sure I would be a good client, and I even worthy enough." Those thoughts right there was exactly the reason that I knew I needed help. 

Early on, Whitney encouraged me to think of areas of my life that I truly wanted to work on / work towards. I've always shied away from anything that made me uncomfortable or put in work, but again, more the reason for me to take her up on life coaching! I was shocked by the transformation that took place only 3 sessions into our series. Whitney's encouraging and understanding attitude allowed me to feel comfortable opening up to her. The results were indisputable. 


Halfway through my coaching series, others began to notice changes in my attitude and overall life satisfaction. Not only were others noticing changes in me, but I was also spreading the good vibes from my sessions with Whitney, with those around me. 


Without the guidance and authenticity, Whitney shared with me throughout our series, I would not be able to share with you all the positive outcomes that came from our time together. I would leave my sessions with Whitney with the biggest smile on my face and my heart on fire. She always had a way of relating perfectly to me & my hesitations, while also challenging me to break through those barriers with absolutely no judgment. Not only did I feel valued during our hour-long sessions, but she also made herself available to me outside scheduled times, always offering help and resources when I found myself feeling off. Whitney would get equally, if not more, excited than I would after each session getting closer and closer to my goals. Her loyalty and commitment was truly valuable in my experience with her. 


If you find yourself hesitating or asking yourself if this is really for you, I really encourage you to reach out and see how Whitney can help. There is no doubt that she made a difference in my life, and I cannot thank her enough. 



When I first started coaching with Whitney, I  felt so stuck, I wasn’t sure what it would look like to be in a different headspace, but I knew I needed to try.  I was feeling disconnected from myself. I had the feeling that I was too sensitive to everyone else’s wants and needs that I had lost my own inner voice somewhere along the way. 

There was a lightswitch moment when I first found Whitney. I can’t describe what it was, but I felt like I knew Whitney already when I went to her website. I think I recognized a kindred spirit, who just happened to be further ahead on her path than me. 


Through our coaching series, I became able to recognize signs of my intuition speaking up. Instead of being in my logical brain as I move through my life, I can now feel and act from my heart. The difference is already incredibly liberating. 


My time with Whitney was expansive, affirming and, clarifying and I’m so grateful for it. 



When I first connected with Whitney, I was super lost. I had just moved across the country in a leap of faith, away from all my friends and family into a totally different career. Nothing felt right, but mostly it was me in this place that just felt like it didn't fit. I was constantly doubting myself, trying to please the wrong people, and just being downright mean to myself.

Whitney helped me find the strength within myself to embrace what makes me unique. She guided me to realize what I need to do to keep my mind and body healthy. At the end of our time together, I had developed a very healthy relationship with the most important person in my life: myself. Having tackled that, I was able to confidently move forward and create a life for myself in this foreign place. I also entered into a very healthy, fulfilling romantic partnership; something that was unexpected but fell right into place. 


The tools I adopted from Whitney during our sessions are ones I will carry with me for the foreseeable future. I can't explain how grateful I am for our time together.



Whitney really makes you feel comfortable as you work together on figuring out what relationships to focus on, setting goals, and addressing any roadblocks that come up along the way. At first, I was hesitant to dive into coaching sessions because I was afraid of what I might find out about myself during the process.

My fears were valid, but Whitney worked through them with me every step of the way. She was able to help me understand the patterns in my relationships and gave me tools to work on them on my own time. With Whitney’s guidance, I learned to give myself grace, celebrate small victories, and watch for what really works for me. I always looked forward to our sessions because I knew that Whitney would be my best cheerleader, applauding my achievements as I continued to work on action items from our goal-setting exercises together. 


Through her coaching, Whitney has helped me envision my best self and I feel confident that I can continue the work and growth that she has fostered with me. I highly recommend reaching out to Whitney if you find yourself stuck or struggling.

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When I met Whitney, I knew some things needed to change in my life, but I had no idea how much things would change after just 3 months of work together. I began our coaching series thinking that I wanted more regimented structure in my life, but what I ended up needing was more freedom and flow.

Whitney helped me see this by shining a light on those places that I was afraid to look at and by helping to guide me through the messiness to find where I truly desired to be. She helped me find the freedom and ease in my life which completely transformed the way I approach each day. 


Before our work together, I was so caught up in all the “shoulds” in my life and out of touch with what my soul was guiding me to do. After our 3-month coaching series, I’m free from the “shoulds” and able to hear my intuition even stronger than ever. Working with Whitney has transformed my relationship with myself in the most profound way - releasing the expectations I place on myself and replacing them with pure possibility and freedom.


Whitney’s coaching is highly reflective, full of high vibe energy, and deeply intuitive. Her reflections helped me see things that I had never thought of before, and the space she held for me was so loving and supportive.


Thank you so much for the amazing coaching experience, Whitney! I can’t thank you enough for helping me live every day with freedom and ease!