You're Not Alone in

This Work.

Girl, I know this sh*t is hard. 

You've read every self-help book that seemed remotely right for you, you've listened to roughly 10,000 hours of YouTube vloggers on connecting to yourself, breaking sh*tty relationship patterns, and more. 

You've sat on a cute pillow from World Market and done the mindfulness/meditation thing and you're still effing lost. 

I have been right where you are, and that's why I'm here now. 

Because what I needed most when I was struggling with romantic relationships, lost in my career, and partying each weekend for "fun" was a partner in my growth. 

I needed someone who was a few more miles down the road than I was who could share support, processes and help hold me accountable for making the changes I knew I wanted to make.

And that's what I'm now fortunate to do each day. 

There are a few different ways I work with clients, because each and everyone of you is unique. 

Check out the links below to learn more about the different ways I support the amazing womxn I get to work with each and every day. Or if you'd rather chat to see if we're a good fit and what I think would be best to support you in your current situation - click below to set up a free Discovery Call.


You choose your focus, length of series, and frequency that we meet. 

Focuses are:  
Connection to Self learning how to deeply connect to your intuition, break negative personal habits and show up as your unabashed beautiful self all easy day.


Intuitive Relationship Work We break patterns of your current relationship styles and set you up to live as your fullest self. 

You choose the workbook: ~Mapping Needs, Wants and Desires

~Soulful Guide to Dating

~ Revamping Your Relationships

And pair it with a Clarity Session from me. You complete the work book then we meet and discuss your findings, and plan what the next right steps are for your journey.

It's the perfect balance of solo work and support from a certified life coach.

You want to do the work and you're so ready and you want a jumping-off point.

I've got you covered. 

You choose the workbook with or without audio support and dive into the life-changing opportunity. 


~Mapping Needs, Wants and Desires 

~Soulful Guide to Dating 

~Revamping Your Relationships

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