Ways to Work

with Whit

Your self-improvement and growth journey is uniquely yours. And I'm here to help you however it fits best for you. 

From 1:1 series where we dive deep to workbooks paired with support sessions, I'm here for you.


Take a look at my offerings below and click on any of them to learn more. 

If you have any questions or want to set up a free 30 min session to figure out what will work best for you just click the link below.

You choose your focus, length of series, and frequency that we meet. 

We can work on:  

Connection to Self Feeling more like you every day and learning to honor your intuition.



Intuitive Relationship Work We break patterns of your current relationship styles and set you up to live as your fullest self. 

You choose the workbook: ~Mapping Needs, Wants and Desires

~Soulful Guide to Dating

~ Revamping Your Relationships

You get that and a 1:1 session with me as part of your purchase! 


 We can use it while you're completing the work or after you've wrapped up to set you on your way to implementing these positive changes in your life!

You want to do the work and you're so ready and you want a jumping-off point.

I've got you covered. 

You choose the workbook with or without audio support and dive into the life-changing opportunity. 


~Mapping Needs, Wants and Desires 

~Soulful Guide to Dating 

~Revamping Your Relationships

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