Love, I have been there.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in life and disconnected from your inner self, in your relationships and even in your career. I've been the one staring from the outside in at my "ideal" job/relationship/friendship wondering "why can't I have that?" 


I’ve been so disconnected from my true self I didn’t even know how to go about getting started on my journey back to me. All I knew was that something was off, more off than it had ever been in my life. 


  It took me years on my own self-improvement journey; reading, learning, testing, failing and coaching myself through the journey back to me. I spent my time learning the lessons the hardest way possible; trying and failing to live more connected to inner myself than I had in the past and it led me here, to the greatest love I have. The love of supporting other womxn on their journey.  


So where are you?

      ~ Are you ready to understand what you truly need, want, and desire before you get lost in
         another relationship? 

      ~ Do you want to develop a deeper connection to your intuition to live fully as yourself in life?

      ~ Are you ready to show up and be the true you, not some "safe" version of you?

      ~ Are you ready to stop "shouldering" all over yourself and start living for YOU?

      ~ Are you ready to break unsupportive patterns in your relationships? 

      ~ Maybe you've been in a committed relationship for a while and don’t know

          how to bring the real you forward?

      ~ Maybe you've had the same kind of people in your life on repeat and you're ready to break the cycle?

     ~ Or you feel like you know yourself but the second you start dating you throw all boundaries and beliefs in
         yourself out the window?


If any of the above sound like are in the right spot. 

This is exactly the work I help each of my clients with. 

Click the button below and set up a free Discovery Call and we can see

if I'm the right fit to support you. 



About My Style of Coaching 


 The womxn I work with are ready for change. They're done filling their heads with excuses and repeating the same old patterns. And while that is true you may still be feeling stuck and so confused about the next right move.


As we work together you develop a true connection to yourself, learn how to be present and honest in your relationships and start living from your intuition we're going to make a great pair. 

We'll use a blend of practices that are created for you to make a practical positive change in your life and blend that with as much or as little intuitive work as you'd like.

There is no one size fits all solution - I tailor my tools, processes and resources to support you where you are. 

We move at your pace too, I'm not going to force you but I am going to encourage you to stand outside your comfort zone and take one more step than you may have otherwise taken. 

Life after coaching... 

You'll be in a space to accomplish and create all you've been looking for.  During our time together we will move you along your personal growth journey and more often than not accomplish the goals you set with me in your first session. I've had clients who set goals to move, change relationships, start dating again and quit jobs all accomplish those things and more during our time together. 

You'll also leave our time together with a tool chest full of tactics and processes to help you further along your journey. Things you can reach back to during any future growth periods and lean on to find further success and support. 

"Whitney helped me see this by shining a light on those places that I was afraid to look at and by helping to guide me through the messiness to find where I truly desired to be. She helped me find the freedom and ease in my life which completely transformed the way I approach each day." 

~ Jess W. 

Whitney Oppenhuizen Intuitive Coaching

You're feeling off, aren't you? 

And you're really wishing you could figure out what the h*ll to do to get off this merry-go-round of feeling less than "you."  

Your gut is telling you it’s time for a change but, you’re not quite sure how to follow the nudge.


As uncomfortable and frustrating as it is to be in this holding pattern in this is part of your life it's a huge step to realize you are ready for change and you need some assistance getting there.


That's where coaching comes in, to give you the tools to navigate this round of challenges and, the inner strength and connection to bring yourself to where you want to be.  

Coming into this work is a big deal and the fact that you’re here, reading this, means you’re really ready to begin. I have no doubt. 

So let's lean into it a bit more, shall we? 

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Whether you want to work on your connection to yourself, or how you show up in relationships in your life this is a fantastic place to start. The work we do here is 100% customized to you and how you and where you are currently in your life. 

We move at your pace and I provide tools and practices for you based on our customized focus. 

My basic offering for 1:1 coaching is 1 hour bi-weekly for 3 or 6 months at $400/month.

We can create a payment plan, or you can pay up front. 

All 1:1 coaching comes with unlimited email support between sessions.

If you're interested in meeting weekly or for a different duration we can create a series that works for you.  

If this sounds like what you need click below to set up a Discovery Call and we'll have a free chat before diving in.

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Clarity Call

You're stuck, and I get it. Maybe you know what you need to do but you can't quite get there. 

Maybe you just need to bounce some ideas around and play out scenarios with someone who is truly impartial

Maybe you know what you need to do but you just need to move through it with someone.


Or you need a quick tune up with your intuition before you move into an event or interaction with someone. 

This session will be 90 minutes in length and will include a more detailed questionnaire before we jump in together. We'll be laser-focused on the specific topic or relationship at hand. When we wrap the session you'll have tools, action steps and the connection to yourself that you need to successfully and clearly navigate the relationships at hand. 

You can choose to pay in full, pay monthly or we can build a payment plan that fits your needs. 

1 90 min session $250 + email support for a week after

Workbooks &

Other Offerings

You need a jumping off point for yourself, but maybe you're not in a space where you feel you need the support of 1:1 coaching. 

I've got you covered. I've made some of the most popular exercises and worksheets I offer in my 1:1 coaching available here for you to use on your own time. 

You choose the workbook with or without audio support and dive into the solo work you're so longing to do.  

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